Top 20 Wireless Technology Companies - 2017

Wireless technology has long since become the norm for enterprise networks, underpinning the promise of reliable and stable connectivity and the much-needed flexibility. Constantly evolving, wireless innovators usher newer solutions into the arena, every now and then, to help enterprises improve business process performance, in a cost-effective fashion.

Many businesses today leverage some form of wireless technology to experience high-end connectivity, enhance functionalities of mission-critical applications, and make informed decisions in real-time. Teleconferencing is witnessing newer levels of efficiency with smartphones and tablets operating on lightning-fast 4G LTE access points to account for seamless enterprise collaboration. IoT printers that can print documents from any connected device on the same network have unleashed the power of wireless networks to create an ecosystem that is integrated, intelligent, and intuitive. Wireless networks also allow enterprises to capitalize on the burgeoning mobility by facilitating BYOD, which in turn brings out increased productivity and flexibility.

There are various wireless solution providers offering manifold services and choosing the best is essential to drive success. With that in mind, in the last few months a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with the CIOReview editorial board has reviewed the top companies in the wireless solutions domain and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling industry challenges.

The companies compiled in this issue have exhibited extensive business process knowledge, along with innovative strategies in the wireless technology arena. The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world so that organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available and how they add value to the wireless technology domain.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Wireless Solution Providers 2017.

    Top Wireless Solution Companies

  • 1

    Leading developer of high-performing wireless software and solutions for home entertainment devices

  • 2

    Offers repair and reclamation services for mobile devices through an automated reverse logistics supply chain

  • 3

    Offers software-driven wireless networking solutions that help IT departments everywhere deliver the ultimate business outcome

  • 4

    Enabling managed service providers to configure, deliver, and operate their own Wi-Fi services

  • 5

    Offers wireless network design, optimization, and deployment services

  • 6

    Self-aware and cognitive cloud-based Wi-Fi networking solutions underpinned by analytics

  • 7

    Delivers trusted service and quality wireless solutions, putting customer safety above everything

  • 8

    The industry leader in wireless display technology for organizations looking to reap productivity dividends

  • 9

    TeleBright Software is the leading provider of centralized assets and expense management solutions for telecom and IT for organizations in both commercial and government sectors

  • 10

    Provides wired and wireless networking, security, and duress system solutions

  • 11



    Delivers cloud networking that transforms the Connected Experience

  • 12

    BridgeWave Communications

    BridgeWave Communications

    Highly-reliable, cost-effective, high capacity wireless solutions for mobile, carrier, service provider, enterprise, and government networks

  • 13

    Brocade Communications Systems [NASDAQ: BRCD]

    Brocade Communications Systems [NASDAQ: BRCD]

    Offers networking solutions that help organizations turn their networks into platforms for business innovation

  • 14



    Open cloud-based platform for advanced guest Wi-Fi that provides superior on-site mobile experiences, while gaining valuable customer insights

  • 15



    Designs, engineers, builds, deploys, and commissions wireless solutions

  • 16

    FreeWave Technologies

    FreeWave Technologies

    FreeWave delivers best-in-class wireless platforms for secure and costeffective control, transport, and collection of IIoT data

  • 17

    NetGear [NASDAQ:NTGR]

    NetGear [NASDAQ:NTGR]

    Enterprise wireless products that offer high-performance access points and management solutions

  • 18

    Qualcomm [NASDAQ: QCOM]

    Qualcomm [NASDAQ: QCOM]

    Creating a mobile ecosystem covering multiple roles as wireless device makers, operators, developers, and content creators

  • 19

    Vocera [NYSE:VCRA]

    Vocera [NYSE:VCRA]

    Enabling integrated and intelligent communication for mission-critical workflows in healthcare, hospitality, energy, retail, and other mobile work environments

  • 20



    Delivers consistent wireless networks with superior coverage and security