GCB Services: Prowess in All-round 5G Deployments

Turan Akin, Senior Vice President
The telecom industry continues to advance and expand at a vigorous pace. Sine qua non for higher standards of communication vindicates the need of extensive metamorphosis of the industry’s portfolio. Aligning to this notion is the inevitable emergence of 5G. With comprehensive experience in telecommunications engineering, GCB, one of the key players in the landscape since 2004, is uniquely positioned to support the deployment of 5G networks across the US. The firm pioneers in all facets of wireless projects including initial planning, vendor and equipment evaluation, network dimensioning, benchmarking, FCC compliance including E911, MPE studies and overall project management for networks ranging from 2G to 5G.

Alike the challenges confronted by its antecedents, deployment of 5G requires adding new sites, modifying existing sites, optimizing network performance, and building infrastructure. It is also mandatory to meet regulatory requirements including Maximum Permissible Emissions (MPE) to make sure that radio frequency emissions do not harm biological tissues. GCB, with its experience in telecommunications engineering and E911, is capable of meeting such benchmarks in 5G deployment. Additionally, the company conducts site surveys, LAM testing, PSAP functionality testing, accuracy FCC compliance, and z-testing compliance for E911 services. “We are proud to be experts in E911 projects having delivered 100,000 sites in all 50 states for major operators in the US,” says Turan Akin, Senior Vice President of GCB.

The firm has extensive experience in fiber optics projects including its design, deployment, and cost-effective optimization. “Realizing the dependency of wireless infrastructures on fiber-optic networks, we provide Fibre Optics OSP (Outside Plant Services) including FTTP (Fibre to the Premises),” says Akin. 5G wireless network architecture requires a greater number of smaller sites increasing the requirement of reliable fiber networks. GCB’s Radio Frequency experts, experienced project managers, and field crews engage with clients for plain sailing installation, decommissioning and commissioning of fiber optics network infrastructure.
The firm is also capable of eliminating possible real-time challenges when working with diplexers, jumpers, coax, connectors, coax ground kits, antenna mounts, antennas, antenna grounding, ground bus bars, RETs, or performing coaxial sweeps and PIM testing.

“GCB’s in-house software development and engineering teams build tools that can improve efficiency and quality of its solutions,” adds Akin. The company’s in-house Quality Control Team (QCT), independent from other organizational departments critically reviews and oversees the delivery of its services and products and assures agility in responding to the dynamic requirements of its clients. Working towards maintaining a highly efficient workforce, the firm continually trains its teams and positions itself as an equal opportunity employer that embraces inclusiveness and diversity. GCB focuses on providing the best quality IT consulting as well as advanced staff augmentation.

The company’s value-bound contribution to the telecom industry and its capability to deliver large scale projects nationwide has earned it appreciation and accolades from a wide range of companies ranging from large and mid-size operators and carriers. One such client, a major operator, wanted to ramp-up extremely quickly and deliver a huge value of data for their customers. GCB’s expert team generated and analyzed the project report, and the quality control team ensured its quality in accordance with the client’s requirements. Unlike its competitors, GCB wrapped up the entire process in a shorter period with utmost quality.

Envisaging the future of 5G network and to enhance the company’s engineering expertise, GCB is planning to diversify its core focus and capital investments into software development. Additionally, the company is also plating for further researches in IT as well as FCC compliance for ensuring customer satisfaction. Realizing the accelerated pace of telecom industry and upholding the company’s strategy to proactively stay ahead in the landscape and be pioneers in the industry, GCB is planning to roll out new software and hardware system that boosts telecom industry’s growth.

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Turan Akin, Senior Vice President

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