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Susan Akin, President
Susan Akin, the President of GCB Services strikes as an atypical daredevil, rapt with fervor in all her undertakings. Skiing across the challenging trails of The Rocky Mountains or exploring newer territories of any great mountains, it’s the same passion that transcends into her entrepreneurial life, where she has taken her company, GCB Services to lofty heights by expanding into innovative areas of services in the telecom arena—an industry that is evolving at an accelerated pace. Not stopping there, GCB has also carved a niche in the IT services landscape, with significant work done in big data, cloud technology, business analytics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality applications, and mobile application services.

Whether it is a technology upgrade, evaluation of new generation advancements like 5G, deployment of new technologies like small cells and big data for meaningful analysis or compliance like E911 Services and MPE Studies, the GCB team with Susan at the helmsmanship is out there to help its customers. Evident from the fact that its customer base comprises of wireless service providers like AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, and OEMs like Ericsson and Nokia, GCB has made a stellar impact in the wireless networking arena.

First off, “when a telecom or wireless carrier plans on implementing upgrades to a new generation of technology or desires to improve its existing network or expand its network, it comes to a company like GCB for an optimal solution,” states Susan. Cost-effective for clients, the solutions are implementable on a timeline that fits clients’ schedules. GCB is uniquely competent to perform the preliminary evaluation, design, optimization, deployment, and delivery of such networks. The company also portrays similar proficiency in its IT services, providing optimal solutions, resources, and project management to implement a new product, enhance existing applications, or upgrade to new suites of products. GCB’s separate IT division provides a plethora of services in the areas of enterprise solution, data warehousing, infrastructure management, and many more.

When it comes to large-scale wireless infrastructure deployments, GCB provides engineering services starting with accurate measurement of ground truth to site coordination, all of which are essential to triangulate a caller’s location.

We know the sky is the limit and we are eager to be explorers in this new world

To that end, GCB’s in-house GIS experts group performs services for network design and optimization including determining target expansion areas, traffic, and capacity analysis.

One of the most striking aspects of GCB is that it has a separate Network Compliance division for handling E911 compliance, RF Exposure or MPE Studies. This division has designed state-of-the-art solutions for project management and data tracking improve the speed of delivery of services for PSAP testing, surveys, TVW, calibration, and accuracy testing and also provides great reporting capabilities to help its clients keep built-in records of services performed.

Susan expresses that oftentimes there arise challenges in public-safety answering point (PSAP) call verification, where GCB’s teams—armed with the particular knowledge—help their clients to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the testing team. Accessible on smartphones, the company’s PSAP project management app streamlines the process, allowing real-time data collection and quality control to be performed with ease, minimizing repetition and retests.

GCB is committed to timelines and budgets and this trait has hiked its reputation as an extremely reliable partner for ground-breaking network services. It goes without saying that GCB stays on the cutting-edge of technological evolutions by keeping its teams up to and above par with technological advancements to further improve the sophistication of its present solutions and also adding new software. With new trails in the telecommunication industry and the IT universe around the corner, Susan is keen on surmounting them all. An inherent daredevil, she concludes, “We know the sky is the limit and we are eager to be explorers in this new world.”

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Susan Akin, President

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