Extreme Networks [NASDAQ:EXTR]: Delivering Brilliance— No Strings Attached

Ed Meyercord, President & CEO It is 23:13 left in Super Bowl LI and the New England Patriots have a mountain to climb against Atlanta Falcons—trailing by 28-3. The next ‘seconds’ witness a sweaty No. 12 jersey blazing all guns with Patriots scoring the last 31 points and shocking Falcons in overtime, 34-28—a miraculous comeback! And while the Patriots wangle their greatest performance ever, a record-breaking 11.8 Terabytes of data traverses through the Wi-Fi network of the stadium—engaging fans through social media and live video streaming. At the middle of it all is Extreme Networks [NASDAQ:EXTR], powering the NFL’s Super Bowl LI with its software-driven wireless networking—marking the “Most Connected” event in digital history!

Among organizations, large and small, the need to leverage their networks in a way that builds stronger connections with their clients and provide the ultimate business outcome of higher sales, lower operating costs, and increased share of both mind and wallet—has augmented over the years. IT departments everywhere find themselves squeezed between implementing major infrastructure initiatives and driving true bottom-line results; both these demands can be met with a seamless corporate network. Extreme Networks has been delivering software-driven networking (SDN) solutions assisting IT departments to deliver their ultimate business outcomes. Wired to wireless, desktop to data center, the company delivers 100 percent in-sourced call-in technical support to industries like business, education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality. “Building networks to offer exclusive experiences to our customers is our sole priority,” states Ed Meyercord, President and CEO, Extreme Networks.

‘Extremely’ Customer Focused

A good relationship with customers is more than something that organizations want; it is something they need to be at their most productive selves. This is where Extreme Networks comes in. The company helps organizations leverage their networks to build stronger connections with their customers, partners, and employees. Building on its vision of a network’s ability to drive connections that in turn drive business, Extreme Networks’ set of software tools and operating systems can control network from a single node to every device across the project ecosystem—be it a stadium, a school campus, or an organization’s IT infrastructure.

From wired to wireless, desktops to data centers, Extreme Networks delivers IT infrastructure that is fast, resilient, and can tune itself to the users’ demands.
Enabling highest density coverage through the Extreme Wireless product suite that includes access points, centralized management, and appliances, the company delivers exceptional experience for users, “wherever they roam.” The platform extends control beyond the physical network to cloud infrastructure, optimizing client’s network, and applications regardless of where they reside.

The ‘Extreme Way’ has always been about going above and beyond hardware and our products exemplify it every day

Inspired by the belief that a successful and well-connected network can enhance business profitability, Extreme Networks has layered on a set of software tools and operating systems to control policy from a single node to every device enterprise-wide. An analytics platform correlates usage with network performance and the company’s intelligent control plane adapts in real- time. Extreme Networks has an array of products and solutions to streamline an organizations networking infrastructure.

Extreme Wireless Access Points deliver a wired-like performance; at scale for high-density in every environment. Its Smart Access Points are equally adept for both distributed and centralized deployment models. The company’s technology also has the capability to incorporate further additions from the client’s end—which is another reason why organizations select Extreme Networks over other networking solutions. Catering to over 12,000 customers across 80 countries, Extreme Networks has set new standards in delivering advanced networking technology solutions and platforms. As an organization that started a revolution with iconic wireless networks, Extreme is redefining networking with software today. Meyercord informs, “The ‘Extreme Way’ has always been about going above and beyond hardware and our products exemplify it every day.”

A Cloud-based Management Platform

Focusing on cloud-managed wired and wireless networks, the company also offers ExtremeCloud, which is designed and optimized to take advantage of the elasticity, resiliency, and scalability provided via state-of-the-art data centers distributed strategically for worldwide availability. ExtremeCloud supports both corporate and guest networks with role-based management enabling individualized experience.

The solution’s smart unified wired/ wireless access enables individualized experience including Quality of Service (QoS), call admission control, secure access policies, rate limiting, multicast, filtering, and traffic forwarding. These services are enabled via a unique, flexible, and extensible distributed architecture that is easily provisioned and managed via an intuitive web interface.
Its managed switches and wireless access points are simple to deploy and manage, yet provide advanced enterprise-grade functionality that helps to ensure the network provides consistent user experience for all your business applications, whether voice, data or video.

An easy-to-use and scalable cloud-based management platform, ExtremeCloud supports and can be customized according to an organization’s business. Combined with enterprise-grade wired and wireless cloud-managed devices, ExtremeCloud emerges as a scalable and highly available pay-as-you grow solution. Backed by Extreme Networks’ industry-leading global support and services, ExtremeCloud simplifies the difficult task of supporting business transformation while ensuring a consistent user experience to end-users as they roam freely around an organization’s infrastructure.

The Extreme Partner Network

Abiding by the conventional approach to deliver exceptional customer experiences, Extreme Networks builds strong partner relationships. Extreme Partner Network (EPN)—a holistic program framework engages, enables, and rewards partners at every stage of their engagement with the company, providing building blocks for more productivity and growth.

Believing that the company’s global channel partner program is a core element of the company’s growth and innovation strategy, Meyercord says, “Extreme Networks will succeed as our partners succeed.” Going the extra mile by providing a highly-trained support staff who are passionate about helping clients, Extreme Networks offers overall assistance to its clients. This is perhaps one of the crucial reasons that tie some of the world’s most recognized names in business, hospitality, government, education, manufacturing, and healthcare closer to the company, calling themselves: “Extreme customers-for-lives.”

Avaya and the Future

From classroom to the operating room, stadium field to the shop floor, Extreme Networks has a solution for every environment and its challenges; and will remain to be that ultimate destination for organizations seeking highly efficient networking solutions in challenging environments. So with a sparkling solution portfolio and an extreme eccentricity toward the wireless landscape, what’s next for the Wireless giants? The firm is all set to acquire Avaya’s networking business, which Meyercord expects will generate over $200 million in annual revenue for his company. “The addition of Avaya’s networking business is consistent with our growth strategy and will broaden Extreme’s enterprise solutions capabilities by complementing our product portfolio across our vertical markets. We expect the Avaya business to increase our market share and offer new opportunities for our customers,” concludes Meyercord.

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