Mobilitie: Fostering Wireless Connectivity with Innovative Solutions

Christos Karmis, President
In today’s fast growing business world, reliable wireless connectivity is imperative to the growth and productivity of organizations. Wireless infrastructure finds its use across a variety of industries and domains where enterprises and entities need continuous access to services, data, social media and communications platforms. Embracing the ongoing trend of wireless connectivity, Mobilitie, the nation’s largest privately-held wireless infrastructure provider, funds, designs and operates robust networks that address future demand requirements and deploys full turnkey solutions. “Mobilitie deploys wireless infrastructure across all industries. Mobilitie offers wireless coverage solutions that help its customers stay connected through wireless networks that anticipate future demands, mobile applications, video broadcast and other developing wireless technologies and standards,” advises Christos Karmis, President, Mobilitie.

Mobilitie’s array of offerings includes neutral host Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Small Cell and Wi-Fi networks, communication tower sites, as well as other infrastructure used by wireless carriers to enable high speed mobile communications. Additionally, the company provides customized wireless solutions for its customers and wireless carrier partners. A DAS network provides voice and data services where the signal reach is poor or there are large crowds of people (stadiums, arenas, transportation hubs, etc.), whereas Wi-Fi networks enable venues to interact and communicate directly with their customers, as well as run high-bandwidth applications and analytics. In addition, Mobilitie’s platforms help offload data from traditional cellular networks, creating more overall capacity while enhancing users’ wireless experience.

In one instance, Mobilitie installed a DAS and Wi-Fi system with a proprietary Software Development Kit (SDK) at Nationwide Arena, home of the Columbus Blue Jackets. “The application we installed enabled a suite of interactive features, including customized messages and push notifications, allowing the stakeholders and event organizers to engage and interact with their audience,” says Karmis.

As a result of this installation, Nationwide Arena was provided with a distinct competitive advantage, further satisfying the growing needs of event organizers and professional sports teams to connect with their fans.

Mobilitie offers wireless coverage solutions that keep people connected through the wireless world

Today, Nationwide Arena is one of the most technologically advanced sporting venues in the National Hockey League.

MGM Resorts International is another such client that experienced the benefits of reaching out to Mobilitie for establishing a wide-ranging Wi-Fi network that would span across 11 of their properties in Las Vegas. The Wi-Fi network was designed to allow guests to have access to the internet at all times throughout the different properties, while maintaining a single set of authentications. This means that they don’t have to sign into a new network while entering a different venue. Location-based services are also included in the design, providing visitors with the tools they need to easily find their way to venue locations, such as meeting rooms or restaurants or other retail locations. “Mobilitie has also worked with MGM Resorts International to deliver unique monetization opportunities,” says Karmis. “The network was designed to generate additional revenue through advertising and customized branded portals that sponsors can leverage to reach their audiences,” he adds.

Mobilitie’s focus on client service, fast decision-making, and zeal to remain disruptive in the marketplace with its innovative solutions and business models, are the company’s core differentiating factors. “We practice a culture that fosters employee and customer relationships. As a firm, we embrace change and find the best people to instill a sense of duty to dothe right thing for our clients,” says Karmis.

To promote innovation, Mobilitie is working on complex RF simulations, mobile application development, and new technology testing to add more capacity and features to its solutions.


Newport Beach, CA

Christos Karmis, President

The company specializes in DAS—Distributed Antenna Systems, Small Cells and Wi-Fi networks, as well as Communication Towers