Predictions for the evolution of tech at home in 2021

Taj Manku, CEO and Co-Founder, Cognitive Systems
Taj Manku, CEO and Co-Founder, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Cognitive Systems</a>

Taj Manku, CEO and Co-Founder, Cognitive Systems

Much of life as we know it transformed significantly in 2020. We hoped that things would go “back to normal” but as time passes, the ‘normal’ we once knew grows further away. Technology became an even bigger part of our lives, including the digital transformation of our work, the way we shopped, sold products, entertained, and even the way we took care of our health. Here are a few ways I predict technology will continue evolving this year and beyond.

Homes will get even smarter

Even before the pandemic, smart home devices were becoming more intelligent, with an increasing number of devices joining the IoT universe. This has resulted in a greater need for improved communication between them. Currently, smart home devices communicate in different languages (ex. WiFi, Bluetooth), facilitated by third-party devices like Apple Home. In the near future, we will see a move toward different technologies working together more seamlessly. Industry leaders are already working together on Project Connected Home over IP to move towards a royalty-free connectivity standard that will increase compatibility between smart home products.

Tech will become more user-friendly

As we do more from our homes, including learning, playing, working, shopping and relaxing, technology must become more simplified so that everyone can use it with greater ease - not just those with advanced tech skills. IoT devices are frequently returned due to challenges with set up, so we will continue to see tech companies reduce the room for error by incorporating better set-up principles on the back end. Consumers won’t have to bother with complicated set-up instructions because they’ll be able to just click and go.

Investment in home tech will grow

Many of us have experienced the lags, outages and general glitches associated with increasing internet usage at home. To address these challenges, consumers are investing more money in their home set-up, including updating internet plans and devices.

We’ll see a boom in health tech

Just as the pandemic has shown us that businesses can operate remotely, it’s also opened our eyes to the necessity of remote health care. Virtual appointments have become part of life during lockdowns, and why shouldn’t this trend continue? Especially for seniors and people with health risks and mobility challenges. Virtual healthcare will become more prevalent as new capabilities become the norm, such as remote EKG and blood oxygen monitoring. People will have more options for monitoring their own health at home, with new gadgets emerging to complement their Fitbits and Apple Watches, as well as wellness monitoring tech that helps seniors stay independent.

We will see demand rise for technologies which provide an alternative to expensive care homes and intrusive cameras or wearables. With WiFi Motion’s eldercare capabilities for example, seniors can age in place and caregivers can receive important information on the health and activity levels of their loved one.

Let’s work together to make 2021 better

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, it’s more important than ever for industry players to work together towards solutions that benefit everyone. The potential for technology to make our lives easier is boundless, and these advancements will do just that. It’s an exciting time, as technology goes beyond just convenience and connectivity, and consumer experience takes centre stage.